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Invasive Weeds TreatmentThe perennial problem of invasive weeds is becoming widespread here in the UK. The potential damage to developments from Japanese Knotweed dictates that effective remediation is necessary, before construction can commence.

Invasive weed contamination is also a common constraint on the existing domestic and commercial property market, with mortgage applications often being rejected if surveyors have encountered knotweed within a 7m boundary of the property.

Invasive Weeds TreatmentWith traditional excavation techniques no longer a financially viable option, and in consideration of the cost and time constraints placed on landowners, Dunton Environmental invested in developing an advanced technology, for fast, effective and guaranteed Japanese Knotweed removal.

Treatment durations are as rapid as 1 week for Eradzion8 treatment, and up to 12-24 months for spraying treatment.

  • Eradzion 8 rapid treatment in weeks
  • Eradicate spraying treatment in 12 months

All applications are in line with the UK Environment Agency and DEFRA policies.

We have developed Eradicate, which is arguably the most effective guaranteed in-situ method of eradication, and EradZion8 which is the most rapid solution to treating Japanese Knotweed contamination, next to dig and dump.

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