Deep Clean & Safe Supply

Dunton’s Environmental Community Action Team in Response to COVID -19

How We Plan to Overcome COVID-19

We are in unprecedented times and as a community and nation we have to work together to do all we can to maintain people’s safety and ensure the continuity of our economy.

In response to this community crisis, Dunton’s Environmental team have reorganised to help make critical resources available to help with decontamination of offices and homes as well as provide sterile delivery services for vital food and goods for the more vulnerable members of society.

At this time the priorities for us all are maintaining good hygiene and ensuring the vulnerable are looked after. In coming weeks this will be more important than ever. It may be impossible for these members of the community to get access to vital food, medication and supplies and business may have to close in the event of a viral outbreak.

Hence keeping people supplied and helping with decontamination cleaning is our responsibility.

In response to the growing needs facing the country, Dunton are offering the critical business service of deep cleaning and decontamination as well as safe, sterile delivery of goods to the community and businesses alike.

Our business has been managing and dealing with hazardous waste for 11 years and have extensive experience in cleaning and disposal of toxic and dangerous products and the transportation of materials in a safe and sterile manner.

Our teams are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment and training to undertake these tasks diligently and considerately, whilst maintaining safety at all times.


To help make critical resources available for the decontamination of homes & offices as well as providing sterile delivery services for vital food and goods for the more vulnerable members of society.

  • On hand to carry out collection and delivery of goods in a sterile manner
  • 11 years’ experience in managing hazardous waste
  • All waste items disposed of correctly and compliantly
  • Licensed Waste Carriers
  • SSSTS Qualified Staff
  • Deep clean, decontamination and sterilisation
  • One off decontamination service or regular cleaning regimes
  • Rapid & Efficient
  • After hours services if required.