Pre Contract Consultation


In order to perform redevelopment works on contaminated and brownfield sites across the United Kingdom, there are many mandatory guidelines and regulations, which means that the pre-construction phase can be a very complex one.

The need to remain within regulations is compelling, as failure to do so can result in investigation and both legal and financial penalties being imposed, so it’s little wonder that developers come to environmental specialists like ourselves to ensure compliance.

At Dunton Environmental, our team of industry experts provide comprehensive services covering all aspects of pre-construction due diligence. The work we do guarantees that construction projects stay within budget and on time and provides a competitive edge in the tendering process.


Site Investigation review

One of the most critical parts of any construction project is the site investigation review, as statistics prove that the vast majority of issues relate to unforeseen ground conditions that would have been prevented had a satisfactory site investigation been performed.

There are a number of stages involved, as the investigation is used to assess any and all potential hazards that may exist beneath the site.

They include:

  • Soil investigation
  • Geological survey map analysis
  • Initial investigation
  • Comprehensive site investigation
  • Supply investigation
  • Construction control

The goal of a site investigation is to gain the data required to perform a risk assessment so that any significant land contamination can be assessed.


Provision of formal second opinions

Our expertise is often sought by construction companies who seek a formal second opinion (FSO) for their proposed works. Much in terms of finance and resources rides on pre-construction works being carried out correctly, which is why many companies choose us when seeking verification of pre-existing site assessments.

Land appraisals

Understanding the value of any land being developed is an important factor in any construction project, as it can have a profound effect on the strategy employed. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to conduct accurate land appraisals to determine current market value.

Regulatory Liaison and approvals

Staying within the legal boundaries that exist in the construction industry in the United Kingdom is a complex process and it involves much in the way of liaison with the UK’s Environment Agency so that each phase of a project can be approved and signed off in good time. We take care of all liaison and approval matters so that you can concentrate on other important factors.

“Dunton’s are a very good Company to work with, methodical in their works, proactive in coming forward with alternative construction options.”

David Boyle
Quantity Surveyor
Mace Group