Corporate Social Responsibility

The Heart of the Matter
hope alive project

Leaving a legacy is about more than the work we help our clients and communities accomplish every day.

It’s about using our success and blessings as a platform to change the lives of the people and places that need us most. At Dunton, we strongly believe it’s our responsibility to reach out to those in need and do our part to regenerate and conserve the vital life-giving resources.

Through our non-profit organisation, Hope Alive, we provide funding, resources and hands-on time to a multitude of charities across a range of causes.

Hope Alive is focused on making a difference for people around the world every day. From our work with local councils to restore community leisure areas in the UK to building and funding schools in Africa. Dunton is changing lives. This is our legacy: leaving every person, place and thing we come into contact with better than when we found it.

“Our aim is to do more for others than ourselves. At Dunton, we believe a giving heart it the foundation of our vision and our purpose.”

It’s our goal to undertake more pro-bono work to restore and regenerate the environment each year than the work we carry out for our clients. With the time and dedication of our staff across the group, and the support and assistance of our suppliers and clients, we will make out goal a reality.

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