Dunton Environmental are able to offer our customers the following educational based training seminars.

  • EnviroSMART™ – detailing an advanced strategy for remediation, waste management and soils recycling.
  • Rapid Spill Response – demonstrating the essential steps required to control and manage an oil or chemical spill.

These offer our clients valuable information to assist in promoting environmental sustainability across the industry while maintaining commercial benefits. The implementation of the processes and techniques supports the green agenda ensuring a positive company reputation.

The information from our enviroSMART seminars have been successfully used to assist major UK house builders in saving hundreds of thousands of pounds in ‘off site’ disposal costs on a new development site, in a timescale that worked.

Our training options offer transferable practical knowledge that affects the bottom line. EnviroSMART can help you – it unlocks ‘An outstanding way to save time and money’.

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“Very good honest sub-contractor for earthworks and expertise in environmental sites.”

James Halksworth
Commercial Manager
Mace Group