Root Barrier

The installation of Root Barriers solves the problem of the further expansion of invasive weed infestation.

When Japanese Knotweed is growing near to a property boundary, a root barrier can be utilised to contain the knotweed and prevent it from advancing into neighbouring property. Root barriers are commonly used around the perimeter of new development projects to ensure that any knotweed present in surrounding areas will not affect the development site.

The installation process is reasonably simple; Firstly, an excavator is used to bench back the soil. Using specialist equipment, the knotweed rhizomes are separated from the soil. The root barrier is then placed into the trench (root barriers can be placed up to 3m deep, with 500mm remaining above the surface as a marker layer). The soil can remain on site below a suitable capping layer.

The root barrier is monitored for 12 months to guarantee the installation has been successful.

Japanese Knotweed Treatment