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At Dunton Environmental, we understand that there is a fine balance between cost, time and client satisfaction in any construction project. The services we provide make us a valued strategic partner for all our clients, as they offer confidence, cost certainty, quality assurance and peace of mind that your land is in the very best of hands.

Our many years of experience allows us to provide a variety of vital services throughout the land restoration and assessment process. We are market leaders in land restoration solutions and we have the requisite technologies for both water treatment and contaminated soil recovery.

Spill Response

When a chemical spill occurs, it presents all manner of environmental and safety issues, which require expertise and knowledge to deal with effectively. Having an expert in your corner with matters of this nature can literally save lives and mean the difference between a construction project being able to stay on track or stopped in its tracks. The Dunton Environmental team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that all safety protocols are followed to the letter.

Site Investigations

Whether requiring an initial construction site investigation or a Formal Second Opinion (FSO), our team are able to perform a full analysis of your construction land so as to assess any hazards that may hide underneath the ground. This is a critical phase of any construction project, as anything that’s not detected can have major implications further down the line.

Waste Classification

Waste producers have a duty of care to adequately characterise their waste for exporting off-site for disposal, treatment and re-use. It is apparent that the classification of waste is not always completed in accordance with relevant legislation and UK guidance; leaving producers exposed commercially and compliantly. Dunton helps Clients navigate a way through the complex assessment criteria and guidance to ensure they achieve peace of mind and the most competitive waste management solution.

Land Appraisals

Determining the value of land earmarked for construction works is a factor in the creation of the strategy of any construction project. Our advanced technologies and techniques allow us to precisely assess the market value of any given site, providing our clients with the data they need to create the ideal strategies for project success.

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“Excellent service provider.”

Andrew Hodnett
Senior Buyer
Thomas Vale Construction