Heavy Metal Remediation


Regener8-19, in combination with Dunton’s specialist equipment, can be applied to soils and other solid wastes that are polluted with various heavy metal contaminants. The product acts to alter the chemical environment within the solid matrix, allowing the removal or fixation of the heavy metals in the solid. The benefits are that the soil or waste can be disposed off site at a lower waste category safely; reused on site as inert fill material; or removed off site for recycling into other beneficial products.

The product and solution is purpose-designed for each project and can be applied by a variety of mechanical methods.

Regener8-19’s unique metal binding polymer particles target contaminants for reduction via exchange reaction or reduces leachability via fixation.

Featured Case Studies

The product is applied in a liquid or powder medium to the solid waste by a variety of mechanisms depending on the nature and composition of the soil or solid waste. Regener8-19 is mixed and distributed homogenously through the soil or solid waste via Dunton Environmental’s Soterion batching process, Dunton’s stabilisation unit or Dunton’s Allu mixing process.

“It’s refreshing to have such a positive, well-mannered and hardworking one-team approach from all the guys. All of the operatives are good to work with, the level of service has been great to date.

We are impressed with record keeping and planning future activities and forecasting potential issues of the works, this appears to be paying off as you are on target and equally working in the safe manner we must deliver.

Tom Prince MCIOB BSc (Hon’s)
Building Manager
Willmott Dixon Construction Limited