Case Study


Headstone Manor

Client: Harrow City Council

Location: Headstone Manor, Harrow

Contract Value: £95,000

Dunton Environmental uses Bio-accelerator and Regener8 technology to successfully convert 25,000 tonnes of contaminated waste soils into inert soils.


  • During the maintenance and expansion of the Harrow Council network approximately 3,000 tonnes of contaminated sludge was dredged and deposited in a public park area.
  • Contamination testing identified that the waste was contaminated with elevated levels of benzo-a-pyrene and other PAHs as well as heavy metal lead.
  • Furthermore the soils had remained in a saturated condition and any proposed reuse of the material would require converting it into a more stable material.
  • The estimated costs of disposal of the hazardous waste off site to landfill were approximately £ 200,000.00.
harrow council

Our Solution –

  • Dunton Environmental carried out further laboratory testing and designed a Remediation Strategy to enable the treatment of the waste sludge to a level that would allow its safe reuse on site within the public landscaped area.
  • Dunton employed their bio-accelerator technology to rapidly reduce the hydrocarbon contamination and their regener8 technology to eliminate the lead contamination.
  • The proposals were accepted and agreed by the Environmental Agency and all the soils were tested and validated before reuse.
  • Following treatment Dunton utilised their Cementex technology to reduce the moisture content within the soils to produce a more stable material which could be spread and levelled safely on site.
headstone manor

“Dunton have always been pro-active to establish ways to find efficient solutions, both on cost and time which we as a client have benefitted from significantly. In short, they are our go to remediation contractor when it comes to complex schemes.”

Tristin Willis
Production Director
Crest Nicholson Midlands