Dunton Brownfield Enabling Works are Environmentally and Commercially Friendly

contaminated soil

Dunton Environmental specialise in developing and implementing ground remediation and waste minimisation solutions for land restoration and site enabling. By developing advanced technologies in these fields over the past 10 years we could potentially provide faster, professional and lower cost solutions for remediating contaminated land and soils.

Duntons’ Treatment of hazardous contaminated soils before disposal off site will divert 100% of the soil waste from hazardous waste landfill into inert or non hazardous waste landfill. The environmental benefits of disposal at an inert facility are a significantly less impact on the environment, since most inert landfill sites are part of sustainable restoration. The financial benefits of this solution represents a 70% reduction in costs over traditional cart away without any pre-treatment.

Waste streaming and pre-screening of the excavated soils to recover hardcore, timber and steel, will divert approximately up to 15% of the mixed waste from hazardous landfill. The environmental benefits are that this allows the recovery of products that can be recycled and either used on this site or reused successfully elsewhere off site. The financial benefits of this solution represent a 15% reduction in costs for disposal off site.

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Skimming of the oil ‘free product’ from the water surface allows the separation of the oil from the water which eliminates 100% of the need to treat and discharge large volumes of oil contaminated water off site. The environmental benefits are that the oil is recovered in a clean manner and is sent to an oil recycling facility where it can be processed and sustainably re-used elsewhere off site. The financial benefits of this solution represent a 50% reduction in costs over traditional pump and treat methods.

The Remediation of the Site can be separated into two categories –

Site remediation for Environmental protection and Waste Minimization.

Dunton Site remediation Enabling works include the remediation of hydrocarbon impacted soils possibly containing free oils within the hotspot areas and the reduction of heavy metal levels without having to solidify the materials.

Waste minimisation including the waste streaming of all excavated materials, followed by screening to remove all deleterious materials and waste products from the soils matrix and the onward processing of those waste products, followed by the treatment of the soil matrix to reduce the contamination within the soils to a level that will enable disposal off site at an inert landfill facility.
After remediation Dunton can then produce from the remediated soils engineered working platforms to levels and structural requirements