Redeveloping Landfills For Future Use

landfill pollution

As we move rapidly into 2016, Dunton Environmental can reflect on a successful year that saw significant growth in the remediation sector both nationally and internationally and a prosperous transition into the waste management industry.

Interest in our unique remedial technologies and value engineered solutions remains high, particularly from the residential sector. Of note is our key involvement in the re-development of former landfill sites across the UK for several leading house builders.

It’s long been recognised that a win-win approach is needed in developing new resources to meet the space requirements of urban planning. Closed landfill sites typically occupy a considerable amount of space and also offer an opportunity to focus on integrating environmental, economic and social benefits to sustainable development.

Progressive businesses are now engaging with Dunton to help them tackle the challenges faced with landfill redevelopment head on. The principle hazards are the presence of biodegradable materials which release flammable and explosive gases (landfill gas) as they decay; the geotechnical properties, which may be unsuitable for building and construction purposes; and the presence in the soil of toxic substances or of chemicals which attack building materials. landfill pollution

Historically, these hazards meant that a number of former landfill sites were overlooked as such treatment was perceived to be technically complex and correspondingly costly. However, a combination of many years of landfill remediation experience, our expert waste management knowledge, and our unique and rapid product range has meant that we can provide clients with commercially driven solutions that challenge traditional remedial design.