Is Rapid Treatment of Japanese Knotweed About to Get Event Faster?

japanese knotweed treatment

As we move rapidly into 2016, Dunton Environmental can reflect on a successful year that saw significant growth in the remediation sector both nationally and internationally and a prosperous transition into the waste management industry.

We have all come across Japanese Knotweed and it is quite simply a problem none of us want to have on our sites. It can cost significant amounts of money to get rid of and can wreck an entire build programme whilst adding stress to the process.

As a response to the demands of the market, Dunton developed EradZion8™ rapid treatment solution as a direct alternative to dig and
dump and our Clients consider it to be the leading treatment solution for Japanese knotweed available. Dunton is now developing and >even faster treatment solution which will be able to tackle knotweed problems instantly at one of our fixed treatment facilities compliantly and without the negative environmental impacts or the high costs and taxes usually associated with disposal.

If you are interested in finding out more about Dunton’s new fast treatment system, please email us at