International News – Dunton Opens Office in China

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In June 2014, Dunton Environmental opened its first international office in Beijing, China. This pioneering move follows two years of strategic business planning following the release of Chinese government statistics that 3.3 million hectares of arable land had become too polluted to farm.

Environmental pollution arises from mining and industrial activities associated with China’s 30 years of rapid economic growth. Much of the contamination is located within developed regions which has driven the need for national policy to facilitate environmental protection. Currently, regulations on long-term soil pollution are still in the development phase in China and Dunton hope to assist Chinese companies, through partnership and training, in gaining an understanding on how these new regulations will dictate the remediation strategy.

The Directors of Dunton recently spent time in China  meeting senior government officials and scientific research institutesto explore remediation opportunities across the provinces and are negotiating to establish a pilot project to create a local case study of their specialist product line for treating high level contaminants. Neil Roe,Managing Director for Dunton said that “the opportunity for our company to partner and support local Chinese companies in developing land remediation solutions are great. We have been positively received in China and our specialist product range and unique technology will have great application in the Chinese market”.

The scale of the opportunity in China will also help our technical team with improving and enhancing our existing remediation technologies used in the UK. This planned technological improvement will certainly benefit all our UK Clients in the near future.