Dunton Brownfield Enabling Works

site work

Our company is a protector for the restoration of the environment. Where there is dereliction, pollution and contamination, we will return the earth to its created state, restoring natural growth. By developing advance technologies in these fields over the past 11 years, we could potentially provide faster, professional and lower cost solutions for remediating contaminated land and soils.

Dunton’s treatment of hazardous contaminated soil before disposal off site will divert 100% of the soil waste from hazardous waste landfill into inert or non-hazardous waste landfill.

The environmental benefits of disposal at an inert facility are a significantly less impact on the environment, since most inert landfill sites are part of sustainable restoration. The financial benefits of this solution represents a 70% reduction in costs over traditional cart away without any pre-treatment.

Dunton site remediation enabling works include the remediation of hydrocarbon-impacted soils possibly containing free oils within the hotspot areas and the reduction of heavy metal levels without having to solidify the materials. After remediation, Dunton can then produce from the remediated soils engineered working platforms to levels and structural requirements.

If you have any forthcoming sites, particularly pre-acquisition, that have any ground remediation requirements it may be worthwhile making contact with Dunton to investigate alternative solutions. Call Tim Mckee on 0121 356 4360 or email enquires@duntonenvironmental.com.uk.