Dunton Environmental Ltd


  • Bio Accelerator - Fast track bioremediation
  • Regener8-19 - Soil Conversion – Made Ground to Sub/Topsoil
  • Cementex - Purpose binder for stabilization to reduce leachability.
  • EradZion8 - Rapid decontamination of Japanese Knotweed impacted soils
  • Eradicate - Fast track Japanese Knotweed eradication through chemical treatment
  • Remos - Asbestos screening and handling
  • Bio H Filter - Easy to handle water and air filter to remove organic pollutants
  • Soterion - Rapid decontamination and soils treatment plant for bulk volumes
Dunton Environmental Ltd - Product
Dunton Environmental Ltd - Product

Bio Accelerator

With many years of on site experience in contaminated land remediation, we have developed a formula which significantly enhances the degradation of organic pollutants such as petroleum hydrocarbons, various other fuel oils, solvents and phenols. The product contains a number of strains of specially selected bacteria combined with nutrient media and DE’s bio acceleration compound.

  • Our product and design guarantees a reduction of 50% of the total concentrations within 14 days and 85% within 6 weeks of treatment, a real advantage for fast track projects
  • We offer a price guarantee that will beat any equivalent competitor’s price
  • Our licensed methods of bioremediation are approved by the UK Environment agency
  • Rapid degradation of hydrocarbon pollutants
  • Product is applied mechanically in concentrations by DE
  • Reduces contaminated waste


Dunton Environmental have developed Regener8-19 to target and treat several heavy metal pollutants in soils. The process has been successful on numerous projects to the satisfaction of regulatory bodies. Regener8-19 has proven success in reducing Cadmium, Lead, Nickel, Zinc, Arsenic and others. Specific case studies are available on request.

The product is purpose designed for each project and is applied to the solid waste by a variety of mechanical methods, depending on the nature of the soil. Regener8-19’s unique metal-binding polymer particles target the contaminants for reduction and induces an exchange reaction which allows the extraction of the contaminants from the soils.

  • Reduces heavy metal contamination
  • Mechanically introduced, rapid process
  • Scalable operations.
  • Reduces waste costs


Dunton Environmental has developed a Cementex, a formula, which significantly enhances the encapsulation and stabilisation of heavy metal and phytotoxic contaminates within soils matrix.

The product contains a number of special binders and chemical compounds purposely designed to reduce and restrict contaminant mobility within soils matrix.

Our product and design guarantees a leachate reduction of 90% after treatment, a real advantage for fast track projects. This will result in the reduction of landfill disposal and hazardous waste problems.

  • Our licensed methods of stabilisation are approved by the UK Environment Agency
  • The product is applied in predetermined concentrations to the soil matrix


Dunton Environmental has developed EradZion8, a revolutionary method for rapidly neutralising the growth potential of Japanese Knotweed rhizomes. EradZion8 eliminates off-site disposal and allows the reuse of treated soils on-site.

Eradzion 8 involves the rapid excavation of all active rhizomes followed by screening to remove all the bulk vegetative matter for disposal off site to licenced landfill. The residual soils are then treated using Dunton Environmental’s Eradzion 8 solution, which destroys any remaining rhizomes in the soils.

All of the herbicides and chemicals used in the EradZion8 process are safe for use in areas beyond 8m from any open water course. Once the soils have been treated, they can be reused immediately on site below a suitable 500mm deep growth medium or permanent hard standings.

  • Rapid on site treatment process with durations a low as
  • 1 week
  • Reduces need to dispose of contaminated soils off site
  • Regulated under current Environmental Agency Code of Practice.


Dunton Environmental has developed Eradicate, a formula which completely eradicates Japanese Knotweed within one growing season without excavation and disposal. The product contains a number of special binders and chemicals which act to completely destroy all Japanese Knotweed.

Our product and design guarantees eradication within one growing season, a real advantage for fast track projects. When used in combination with landfill disposal Eradicate will significantly reduce the soil disposal volumes.

  • Approved by DEFRA and the UK Environmental Agency
  • Surrounding soils are undisturbed during treatment
  • Mechanically applied in predetermined concentrations


Dunton Environmental understand the complexities of current UK asbestos guidance and can provide expert advice on the investigation, assessment and management of asbestos contaminated soils. Our Remos solution employs the latest screening and handling techniques to separate ACMs from soils thereby minimising the risk from asbestos and reducing the need for costly waste disposal. Our remediation team has successfully introduced Remos into many challenging construction schemes providing clients with significant cost and programme savings whilst achieving construction best practice.

  • Asbestos guidance
  • Expert advice
  • The latest screening and Asbestos handling techniques
  • Reducing costly waste disposal
  • Significant cost and programme savings

Bio H Filter

Dunton Environmental has developed the Bio-H-Filter which removes dissolved phase organic pollutants such as petroleum hydrocarbons, various other fuel oils, solvents and phenols from water and air.

The filter contains a number of strains of specially selected bacteria and nutrients combined with Dunton Environmental’s Bio-H-Filter media. The filter is housed in a robust steel cylinder which is easy to handle, maintain and store. The system can also be modified to act as an air filter to remove malodorous elements.

The filter media is made from natural renewable materials and does not attract large disposal and replacement costs. Various sizes and outputs are also available offering greater flexibility and economies.

  • 85% reduction of the total concentrations on output guaranteed
  • Cost effective solution to contaminated water treatment
  • Simple ease of use


Due to the need to process and treat large volumes of contaminated soils in a restricted time-scale, Dunton Environmental has designed and developed the Soterion batch plant.

This ‘in house’ plant has the capability to batch and treat 2000 tonnes of soil per day.

The unique ‘Soterion mixing’ process enables and ensures that all binders, nutrients and chemicals used to treat the soils are effectively distributed through the soils matrix to produce a homogeneous mixture.

This results in the use of less binders and additives plus increases in the performance times. Both of which reduce the program times and treatment costs.

Soterion is the solution to fast track, large volume projects and has applications for:
  • Heavy metal treatment using Regener8-19
  • Remediation of hydrocarbons using Bio-Accelerator
  • Soils stabilisation using Cementex