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Case Studies

G F Tomlinson AMB For University Of Nottingham Site Remediation

23 May 17

Dunton worked from early in Tomlinsons bid process to secure the project at Nottingham University. The informative video gives an insight to the benefits of early engagement and Duntons abilities on site.

Rapid Decontamination of Hydrocarbon and Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils at Spon Lane

06 Feb 17

Dunton Environmental uses Bio-accelerator and Regener8 technology to successfully convert 25,000 tonnes of contaminated waste soils into inert soils.

Decontamination of contaminated Soils at Harrow

17 Jan 17

Dunton Environmental utilizes Bio-accelerator and Regener8 technology to rapidly treat hydrocarbon contaminated waste sludge to enable its safe reuse on site within a public landscaped area.

Case Study
Case Study