Paragon Park, Coventry, Zero Sum Remediation Solutions

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Nine months in and Dunton are progressing well with their £3 million contract at Paragon Park in Coventry. The first phase of works, an area of approximately 2.5 ha in the north of the site, has been completed and the land is soon to be handed back to Persimmon Homes, who plan to commence preliminary construction in the next few weeks.

Works in the southwest of the site are also well underway with all the old foundations and other underground obstructions removed in preparation for remediation of the main hydrocarbon contaminates in the infilled clay pit.

Meanwhile, the southeast of the site is being prepared for the installation of a Hub and Cluster soil treatment facility intended to provide soils required to raise the site to its proposed final level and construct an acoustic/aesthetic bund between the site’s housing and the neighbouring metals recycling facility.

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