Top 5 Tips for Managing Soil Disposal

tips for managing soil disposal

Soil is a highly valuable natural resource that constitutes the basis for most ecosystems across the world. It is also a finite resource meaning its loss and degradation is not recoverable within a human lifespan. We therefore have a collective responsibility to manage soils more sustainably. The Circular Economy Package is a key initiate we can use to stimulate better management of our resources including waste soils.

Adopting the following tips will obviously save you money whilst also ensuring your commitment to the circular economy.

  • Stop wasting money by considering the challenge at the earliest opportunity. 
  • Benefit from an expert waste assessment using the latest in waste classification software. 
  • Always remain in control of your waste from producer to final destination. 
  • Ensure environmental compliance and avoid potential investigations and fines. 
  • Strive for sustainability through re-use and avoid costly landfill tax charges.

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