2016 Onwards and Upwards

brownfield research

The Wolverhampton Treatment Hub has really exceeded our expectations. Not just in terms of diverting waste from landfill but also helping to forge strong relationships with local stakeholders and provide a catalyst for local brownfield development. We are particularly grateful to the Black Country LEP, Wolverhampton City Council, the University of Wolverhampton and the Environment Agency for their continued support and advice. The success of the facility has called for a temporary closure of the site for essential maintenance and infrastructure works and we are delighted to be making these vital improvements. We will emerge much improved and more efficient for you all.

The BRIC Symposium

Dunton were delighted to present at the inaugural Brownfield Research and Innovation Centre (BRIC) symposium in June. The event is a unique collaboration between the Black Country LEP and the University of Wolverhampton to help drive through the strategic ambitions of the LEP on remediated brownfield land. Through which the Wolverhampton Treatment Hub, and Dunton Environmental will be key stakeholders.

We Pushing On…

We are very excited about launching an updated version of the Dunton Hammer. It’s one of the heaviest in its category and will deliver real benefits to ground consolidation, bulk fill and slab breakout. In addition, our new GPS D6 dozer ensures grading accuracy and was on show at the recent Hillhead exhibition.