Dunton begins £3 million contract at Paragon Park, Coventry

paragon park project

Dunton have recently begun a £3 million contract at Paragon Park, Coventry. The site, previously occupied by Webster Hemming brick works and a former Courtaulds textile factory, is impacted by heavy metals and asbestos contamination, and also by hydrocarbons in soils with free product in perched water in a large area of the site. The project will run over four years.

Dunton Environmental have been contracted to remediate the site by removing and validating a number of different sized hotspots located across the site, excavate, stockpile, test and re-engineer made ground across the site to natural material. Dunton will also be undertake ground improvement of deeper remaining made ground as well as compaction and processing of overlying materials and removing any large obstructions such as old foundations as well as the potential hotspots.

Approximately 12 hectares of the site is to be redeveloped to enable residential end use with the rest of the area making up soft landscaping.

Part of the site will also partly operate as a Hub and Cluster receiving site from various donor sites, with imported materials treated for reuse on site.

All works are being undertaken with ongoing regulatory liaison and a watching brief from the Client’s consultant.29