Take on the Peak District Copper Challenge

peak district challenge

The Peak District Copper Challenge is a 25km (16 mile) walk through the Peak District at Hathersage/Derwent Valley and has a 9 hour finishing target. The challenge takes place on the 23rd September 2017 which gives you plenty of time to work on those leg muscles over the summer!

Managing waste is a critical service across the world and one which Dunton are a part of in the UK and beyond. Many countries don’t have even the basic waste management services and their uncontrolled rubbish heaps are often the breeding grounds for fatal and wide spread diseases as well as being the cause of extensive environmental decay. Waste Aid International are a charity working with communities to address the waste crisis. Check out their projects at wasteaid.org.uk. For those interested this article covers the global issues of open dump sites https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2014/oct/06/smelly-contaminated-disease-worlds-open-dumps 

Team Dunton would be grateful if you helped to sponsor as we are hoping to raise upwards of £1500! if you are interested and would like to make a donation as well as making difference to the Waste Aid International, then please do via following the link to our just giving page www.justgiving.com/duntoncopperchallegne.

Joining the walk will not only be heaps of fun, create new memories and offer a physical challenge but it will also provide an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful clean countryside which we all work to restore.

We would be delighted to have you join Team Dunton on the walk, so if you are interested then send an email to enquiries@duntonenvrionmental.co.uk.

To register as a company or group for this challenge please follow the link to www.peak-district-challenge.com and register now for the copper – Peak District Challenge.

The Challenge is aiming to attract 200 people this year and is a growing event offering various distances. I invite you all for the 25km route, however if there are any exceptionally keen volunteers looking for a more extreme challenge there are 50, 75 and 100km options on the same day!!

Dunton Technologies are calling all Charitable Challengers to step up and take part in a sponsored 25km/16 mile walk for our chosen charity, Waste Aid International.