A New Solution to the Disposal Of Soils?

waste pile

Many businesses are still using the traditional approach to dispose of waste soils from site? Why not join a growing list of enlightened companies benefiting from Dunton’s total Soil Solutions.

It’s generally accepted that appointing an environmental consultant and a haulier to dispose of surplus material to landfill provides a hassle-free and compliant solution – but what if there was a new solution? One that promises to save you money. One that also saves on project programme whilst still offering the same benefits as the traditional approach.

With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, Dunton Technologies is able to combine all the strengths of a consultant, haulier and disposal facility in one complete simple package that delivers you measurable cost savings. Why not benefit from our expert waste assessment and classification service, rapid on-site treatment technology, and network of Soil Treatment and sustainable Recovery Facilities? It may prove to be the best decision you make today.

For a free consultation, please contact James at enquiries@duntonenvironmental.com.uk or call us on 0121 356 4360 to learn more about our Soil Solutions.