Six Budding Volunteers Joined Together to form

peak challenge 1

Six budding volunteers joined together to form ‘Team Dunton’ for the 25km Peak District Challenge, headed north and hit the trails to complete their challenge and raise £728 money for Waste Aid UK which can be used on valuable projects.

A challenge it was! They ended up walking 20 miles in total due to various detours and off piste wandering as well as having a longer route than thought. Our team walked for almost 8 hours! The weather was perfect for the walk and the scenery was stunning and wild as you can see by some of the photos.

One question posed by Waste Aid is ‘Can you imagine if the bin men go on strike – forever? Last month there were local Bin collection strikes across the Birmingham area which may have affected some and caused rodent infections amongst other things across the city. Unfortunately that is the situation that faces 40% of the world’s population and is the main focus for the projects that Waste Aid Support. Check out their projects at

Managing waste is a critical service across the world and one, which Dunton are a part of in the UK and beyond. Many countries do not have even the basic waste management services and their uncontrolled rubbish heaps are often the breeding grounds for fatal and wide spread diseases as well as being the cause of extensive environmental decay.

Well Done to ‘Team Dunton’ and we will give thanks for our blessings and support in protecting those less fortunate than us.