Japanese Knotweed – The Costly Invader

japanese knotweed closeup 1

Spring has sprung, the sun is out and so is Japanese knotweed! Japanese knotweed is still a massive problem in the UK as it continues to invade people’s properties, damaging brickwork, foundations and on occasion leaving their houses unsellable.

Dunton would like to assist our customers in being able to identify Japanese Knotweed on their sites to ensure they can adequately control and eradicate this invasive weed.

Dunton can help dispose of Japanese knotweed using our in-house developed technology, EradZion8. EradZion8 was developed to rapidly treat knotweed in a matter of weeks and is a direct alternative to landfilling.

You can usually identify Japanese Knotweed by its upright, hollow, pale green, bamboo like stems with purple speckles. The heart shaped leaves sitting on red stems is also another way which you can identify knotweed.

If you have feel you have any knotweed or invasive species on your site or property, please feel free to contact us on 01213564360.