Former London Landfill Set For Remediation

remediation 2

Dunton Environmental have ‘broken ground’ on the remediation of the former Kilnwood Vale landfill site near Crawley, south of London. Working in partnership with the high quality residential developer, Crest Nicholson, Dunton Environmental plan to remediate the first phase of the 300,000m2 landfill site by a process of excavation, processing, recompaction and surcharging to produce a building platform to ultimately support more than 1000 houses over the wider scheme. During the process, all waste materials and contamination will be remediated on site by Dunton to enable its safe reuse on site and help achieve Crest Nicholson’s goal for this project of near zero waste to landfill.

Crest Nicholson have assembled a ‘first class’ professional team to undertake this ‘flag ship’ remediation project, which includes well established and professional companies, such as Cambell Reith as structural and civil engineers, Wilson Bailey as Environmental consultants and Allen Dadswell as costs managers.

When asked, Neil Roe the Mananging Director of Dunton Environmental said that “it was a privilege to be part of such a great team to deliver this project. We are excited by the prospect of helping Crest Nicholson in delivering a former derelict landfill site for development. It fits really well with our ethos of Restoring our Environment. He also said that ‘it’s early days on the project but in a few short weeks the site will undergo some huge transformation as Dunton plan to excavate and process more than 3,000m3 of landfill soil waste per day over the next 6 months.”