Homeowners secure landmark Japanese Knotweed judgement

law case knotweed

On the 3rd of July 2018, a landmark judgement was handed down in the Court of Appeal. The case of Waistell v Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd saw the judge find that Japanese knotweed on an adjoining property was an actionable nuisance if it interfered with the ability of an individual to deal with his/her property value at market value. The judge also found that where there was encroachment individuals needed to demonstrate physical damage.

Japanese knotweed has been a major issue in the United Kingdom for many years and the findings of the Court of Appeal (more details on the link below) will certainly bring more attention to the matter and hopefully encourage landowners to be more proactive in managing the knotweed on their land.

If you suspect that you have knotweed on your site or knotweed on your site is encroaching onto adjacent sites, and would like a survey and or a treatment proposal for its effective eradication, please feel free to contact us.