Jaguar Land Rover Remedial Works Near Completion

Friday 13 June 2014
Jaguar Land Rover Remedial Works Near Completion

Dunton have been supporting Vinci through the enabling works at the new car manufacturing facility at Jaguar Land Rover’s Solihull plant. The £60 million scheme involves the construction of a new car assembly plant at Lode Lane and has already involved the demolition of 400,000sq ft of factory space. The expansion follows JLRs recent sales boom over the last 18 months.

The enabling works commenced in early 2013 and comprised the remediation of contaminated land and the management of construction soil arisings regulated through an MMP together withgroundwater and surface water management. The works also included providing a 60,000m² suitably engineered development platformthrough the use of lime and cement stabilization techniques. The design partnership with Vinci assisted in significantly reducing the amount of soil waste that a traditional approach would have generated. Surplus soils were controlled in line with current waste guidance and adopted thewaste management hierarchy where practicable.
The new building will house the
‘Body-in-White’ assembly plant

The works have been commended by Sean Hill, Senior Project Manager for Vinci Construction PLC who noted that "Dunton are very professional and diligent problem solvers whilst bearing in mind costs and programme. We will use Dunton’s expertise again".

Jaguar Vinci

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