Waste Classification and Assessment – It is changed! How does this affect me?

waste classification

In June 2015 the way we assess and classify waste in the UK will change due to the full affects of the CLP regulations coming into force. The changes include:

  • Amendments to the List of Waste (or European Waste Catalogue)
  • A major revision of hazardous properties, and
  • The adoption of the a new system of chemical classification

Why is it changing?
A new system of chemical classification will be introduced based on hazard classes, categories and statement codes (rather than risk phrases and categories of danger).

Why is it important to you?
Landfill tax has increased in England, Wales and Northern Ireland from £80.00 to £82.60 per tonne for harzardous materials and £2.50 to £2.60 per tonne for inert material. Classifying waste properly can save significant amount of money. The Higher tax band will be applied to the hazardous waste with a lower tax band being applied to Non-Hazardous material.

Landfill tax will again increase to £84.40 per tonne for disposals made, or treated as made, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on or after 1 April 2016, according to the HMRC.

Dunton Environmental recognise the difficulties you face and provide innovative treatment of material to reduce waste classification and thereby reducing the overall costs of cart away. As specialist in waste management solutions that provide real and sustainable alternative to traditional landfill disposal, we enable waste material to be re-used at their source of origin, therefore reducing the financial costs associated with off-site disposal.