Cost of Legislation

Cost of Legislation 1

Environmental legislation has over the last number of years progressed in the area of compliance and in particular the enforcement of the laws of the land. I read an interesting article in ‘The Environmentalist’ in relation to the enforcement laws within the waste sector.

Four key points stand out to help prevent our clients from falling foul of the legislators.

1. Planning

It is a vital part of any project to approach this aspect of the work with due diligence, many companies in an attempt to satisfy a sale rush in and by pass or at worst ignore the planning stage. Clear and understood goals are essential to a successful project. Ask the question – What do we need to do to work compliant?

2. Procedures

Having planned your work within the sector, a demonstrable set of procedures will show how effect your planning will be. Bits of paper do not make a system. The following acronym will help:

Key Ponts

3. Permits

The question to ask is; do we have the correct permits in place for the work we are doing? If we do, then what are the parameters for us to maintain?

4. Production

The project can commence with the certain knowledge that you have complied with any current legislation. It is also to be noted that regular monitoring of the conditions is undertaken by a competent person or persons.

Most companies fail because they say one thing and do another.

Dunton Environmental have extensive experience in helping clients operate within the current legislative mine field, offering peace of mind and value engineered solutions to give project control and safety.