Waste crime: Sustainable Clean-Up Solutions (Feb ’23)

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Waste crime can take on many different forms from the very visible dumping of waste to fraudulent producer responsibility claims, deliberate breaches of permits, metal theft and money laundering.

It is estimated to cost the UK economy £1 billion per year – that’s the same as the combined starting salary of over 38,000 newly qualified nurses.

We have all seen first-hand the impact waste crime can have on our local communities, business and the environment.

How can we help you with waste crime?

This is why Dunton is passionate about helping local authorities, private landowners, insurance firms and communities to find compliant clearance solutions to illegal dumping and fly-tipping.

Our expert team specialise in waste assessment, characterisation and management ensuring that materials are reused or recycled beyond landfilling. Clean-up can either be done at source or managed at one of our national waste treatment facilities.

Dunton is one of the UK’s leading brownfield remediation and waste management contractors. It’s our mission to restore the environment by solving complex ground and waste related problems.