Waste Education Series, Edition 1: Waste Classification

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Waste Classification can be complicated. It is not always easy to determine which category a waste would fall under and there are a range of common errors that are now leaving companies open to fines for non-compliance.

Waste Education Series, Edition 1: Waste Classification

With the construction industry creating a third of all waste generated in the UK, failure to comply with regulations can be a very expensive risk. The HMRC and Environmental Agency are also tightening controls on waste compliance, with fines being issued to all parties that could be associated to the management of the waste in question. This means that developers, contractors, groundworkers, hauliers and disposal sites could all be held equally accountable for any non-compliance.

The ever-changing regulations are catching more and more companies out, costing them huge sums of money and potentially damaging their reputation.

So, let’s explore the common errors in waste classification:

  • Misunderstanding how waste containing asbestos is classified
  • Using WAC results to classify waste
  • Using leachable metal results to classify waste
  • Classifying waste as “inert”
  • Using the wrong EWC code
  • Not applying the correct chemical compound
  • Comparing individual concentrations against hazardous thresholds

At Dunton Environmental there is a dedicated team who will classify your waste in accordance with the latest WM3 Technical Guidance. Whenever classifying waste, it is extremely important to understand the site history, as incorrectly chosen inorganic compounds may wrongly advise on the classification of your waste, thus potentially paying an unnecessary premium when disposing your waste.

Dunton specialises in Solving Complex Waste Problems and provides a Total Waste Management Solution, which offers a cradle-to-grave and hassle-free option for your waste, including;

  • Sampling waste on site by experienced Technical Engineer.
  • Meeting your programme by analysing samples on a 3-day standard turnaround.
  • Expert waste assessment using the latest waste classification software.
  • Ensuring environmental compliance by cooperating only with licenced facilities and hauliers.
  • Management of your waste throughout the duration of your project by experienced staff.
Waste Education Series, Edition 1: Waste Classification

As part of Total Waste Management Solution, Dunton will obtain representative samples of your waste and schedule it for determinants that are required only to classify your waste adequately. With the use of up to date software and skilled personnel, Dunton guarantee that you will get value for money.

With the cost of the “muck shift” being a significant part of any development project, can you afford not to have technical expertise in your corner, saving you money and keeping you safe?

Why not join the list of enlightened companies that are benefiting from our rapid and commercially driven solutions.

We are more than happy to help and advise on anything that you may be unsure of, so please contact our waste team on 0121 356 4360 or e-mail enquiries@duntonenvironmental.co.uk