It’s Japanese Knotweed Season

japanese knotweed closeup

It’s that season again. Japanese knotweed growth is usually at its most prolific from April to October, but mild winters and warm damp summers in recent years have seen the growing season extended.

In the Spring Japanese knotweed grows extremely vigorously; it uses stored energy in the rhizome system to grow at rates of 300mm per week – perhaps more in some cases. The damage it can cause are well known in environmental circles, with some estimating it to be a £2 Billion liability in the UK. This is why Japanese knotweed is such a problem to the construction industry and to homeowners.

We at Dunton believe in being pro-active as opposed to being reactive and we always advise our Clients in accordance with that belief. We believe that it is prudent to have an invasive species survey carried out by an expert on your site as well as expert recommendations on how to tackle any invasive species identified during those surveys. We believe that life is better that way and that is why we have a team of specialist expert surveyors who are dedicated to dealing with any invasive species needs you may have. 

If you suspect that, you may have knotweed growing on or near your property, or have any queries about Japanese knotweed and any other invasive species, then please feel free to contact us on or call our Head office on 0121 356 4360.