Hazardous asbestos can be dealt with even in the snow! (12/2022)

Trucks unloading asbestos

What you need to know

Whether it’s rain, sleet, hail or snow our Wolverhampton Waste Treatment centre is always open for you. We are accepting ACM (asbestos containing material) as always, cleaning it up, ready for reuse – landfill tax exempt of course!

Want a quote for your asbestos containing materials?

Get in touch with our expert sales team by emailing us at enquiries@duntonenvironmental.co.uk or reach out to Adrian or Louise.

Gates of asbestos hub Asbestos weighbridge Trucks unloading asbestos

Dunton operates this waste treatment facility in partnership with Wolverhampton City Council under licence from the Environment Agency. The treatment facility offers a sustainable alternative to landfill for a variety of hazardous waste streams including:

Other materials we can take

  • Soils impacted with asbestos and asbestos containing materials (ACMs).
  • Construction materials containing asbestos.
  • Hydrocarbon impacted soils and wastes.
  • Dredging spoil
  • Street-cleaning residues.
  • Effluent sludges and filter cakes.
  • Waste management facilities and waste water treatment plants.