Dunton Secures 3 New Projects Worth c.£1 Million

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Dunton has been awarded 3 new schemes worth c.£1 million in total. The schemes, which include a cluster of housings sites in Rotherham, residential end use apartment blocks in Birmingham and a new primary school in Ashby, are all expected to commence onsite in July 2020.

Scope across the schemes varies from significant ground improvement using the D-Found Solution to treatment and disposal of asbestos contaminated soils. Nelson Tanyanyiwa, Design Manager at Dunton, said, ‘To secure these three schemes is really good news for the business and is a testament to the great work by our team in assisting our clients and finding more ways to add value. We want to carry that work right through and ensure that we deliver onsite.’

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact info@duntonenvironmental.co.uk