Dunton Secures £250,000 Former Tapworks Project for Bouygues


Dunton have secured a £250,000 project for Bouygues. Work on the former Tapworks site, in Wolverhampton, will enable the construction of 150 residential properties.

Dunton’s works include general earthworks and the installation of a capping solution as part of the remediation strategy.

Dunton are also treating Japanese knotweed using our in-house developed technology, EradZion8. This treatment procedure was developed to rapidly treat knotweed in a matter of weeks and is a direct alternative to landfilling. Dunton’s work is scheduled to last to last for 10 weeks.

If you would like Dunton to assist on any of your projects with remediation waste management or treatment of invasive species, please contact us on info@duntonenvironmental.com.uk.