Dunton Saves Client Over £700,000 on Gas Works Remediation Project

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As landfill taxes rose above £90 for the first time earlier this year, there is now more pressure than ever to recycle waste materials. More efficient recycling schemes across the UK has meant that, despite the rising costs of landfill, the amount of money it generates has lowered by almost £300m since 2014.

Earlier this year Dunton Technologies were contacted by a remediation contractor that had been awarded a contract to assist with the redevelopment of a former gas works. The 16 acre brownfield site used to be home to two large gasometers, which were demolished back in 2016.

Wolverhampton treatment hub

Dunton were called upon to provide their expertise in the disposal of potentially hazardous waste soils that were to be excavated from the land. Of course, with large sites, the significant volumes of waste material mean that even the saving of a few pounds per tonne can end up equating to tens of thousands of pounds by the end of the project. This is where Duntons vast experience in the handling of hazardous materials, combined with their strong network of UK waste treatment facilities, ensures that the client will always benefit from the most cost-effective distribution of the waste.

Duntons Environmental Manager for this project, Adrian Jefimiuk writes:

“Whilst saving our clients money is a primary focus of our waste disposal services, we find that the main reason many of our customers choose Dunton is due to a solid reputation for ensuring 100% compliance with every tonne of material we handle. We understand the importance of providing a trustworthy and reliable service in order to provide our clients with peace of mind.”

Having worked closely with our client since May, Dunton have already handled over 4000mᶾ of waste soils, saving the client over £700,000 in landfill taxes.