Dunton Remediation Project at Chester Park, Bristol

chester park site

Dunton was contracted £220k for the Chester Park project located in Bristol. The contracted duties involved hotspot remediation, bulk shallow excavation, on-site soil treatment, earthworks, CoTC MTL audits, and full-time remedial supervision. Mobile Treatment Licence (MTL) including MPP2 Supplementary Information document. Production of Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) and Remediation Implementation Plan (RIP), site inspections during remedial works and production of Remedial Verification Report, including verification materials tracking under the MMP.

The project involved 2 Phases;

Phase 1 involved the proposed building footprint and car parks for Chester Parks New Primary school, and Phase 2 involved the proposed football pitch and landscape areas. A treatment area was set up in the south west quadrant of Phase 2 to process the material excavated from the hotspots identified (HS1-7 within Phase 1 and HS8-15 within Phase 2).

The team undertook a risk assessment, which demonstrated low risk of bio-available residual elevated lead concentrations, which was approved by the Council’s Contaminated Land Officer.

The site is still in progress and Dunton will be returning after the New Year to complete contracted duties.