Remediation of Hydrocarbon-impacted Soils at Wandle River

Friday 20 October 2017

Dunton Environmental Ltd was appointed by Redrow Homes (London) in August 2016 to carry out hydrocarbon hotspot remediation, Japanese Knotweed removal and treatment, onsite soil treatment, bulk shallow excavation earthworks, remediation and verification testing prior to the construction of a new mixed residential housing development.


Project Challenges

  • The site had previously been used for a number of potentially heavy polluting activities, which include a tannery, a leatherworks and a general engineering works.
  • The River Wandle is immediately adjacent to the western boundary of the site. A culvert runs from east to west, between the northern and southern site areas and joins the River Wandle. The Spencer Road Wetlands nature reserve is located to the west of the southern site boundary.


    Two hydrocarbon impacted “hotspots” were identified during previous ground investigations.
  • Localised areas of Japanese Knotweed were present throughout the site.

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case study